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Friday, January 29

Bubbles n Babies

pictures from yesterday of my favorite hermanas

Thursday, January 28

Live Fast Die Hunns

THIS WEEK: a bad bitch who inspired me to buy an upright Corey Parks

Where did you grow up
Orange County, California mostly..Huntington Beach

When did you start playing music
22 years old. unless you count, The Church-under the milky way on acoustic when I was 16.

What bands have you played for
Transylvania 2000, Dirty Feather Boas. Nashville Pussy, The Masons, Die Hunns, Charlie Horse, The Lizzies, and finally CHELSEA GIRLS

Do you prefer upright
I prefer both

How'd you learn to breathe fire

Best band to play a show with
Candy Snatchers(circa 95'), Turbo Negro, Motorhead

Favorite venue you've played
Any/every place that sounds decent(wood rooms are always preference), is wall to wall packed with Kids that love rock and roll, stage is only about 3-4 feet from the ground(no security goons), people that work there and run it are good people who like the people they serve and good bands(treat you well..special touch like instead of chips and shitty veggie tray, they have a friend take you to the locals kick ass grub spot)...OH and I get paid.

How did you meet Duane
The Damned show

Favorite quote
"Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand."-Cool Hand Luke

You'd like to be remembered as
A good Woman, a good mom, a good friend, a good bass player and a good time baby!


Chelsea Girls

Die Hunns

Nashville Pussy

Charley Horse

NEXT WEEK: Mike Mo n shit

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Filthy Beats #1

Crown on the Ground- Sleigh Bells


don't front like this doesn't make you want to fist pump hard.

Monday, January 25

Paranoid Android

i'm real obsessed with the genius that is Elliott Erwitt

This week I'm a bad bitch

And check out Sarah getting goth blocked by Stevie

Sunday, January 24

Thugs Not Dead

my friends are pretty