Wednesday, March 31

Smoke Dope & Rap

Werk Dat

my boss takes cool pictures that he puts on his cool blog. he's cool.

We Hope That You Choke

Some amazin Kittenz supporter evidently knows my steez because I got an email about this rad photog Carlos Nunez to check out and fell in love. Hopefully I can get a lil interview. The first two are by far my fav & I was told the model is Nunez's lady. Aww meowz.

Monday, March 29

I Love Livin In The City

I Like The Like

Dis weekend we went to the smell for an Ariel Pink show but I was more into The Like who played before them. At first I just thought theres some hot chicks in cute dresses here, then I realized these hot chicks are playing music right meow that's cool. The bass player is fucking ridiculously good.

Listen to He's not a Boy here.

Happy Monday

my lil babies.

Saturday, March 27

Friday, March 26

Look out weekend

Tonight me and some of my loved ones will be celebrating the cancellation of the Hills here. If you hate Spencer Pratt or like art you should come.

5906 N. Figueroa st
LA, CA 90039
9 artists 49 collages
Have a lovely weekend. Meow.