Sunday, February 28

Skinny Love

It was da prettiest Sunday in LA eva. Ok I love you bye.

Saturday, February 27

Tell Me Why

Does Terry rule so hard

Filthy Beats #4

Down Down Down- The Presets

Straight West Coastin'

Last night at Vanguard it was a party in the U.S.A.

We got some interviews coming up with radical people including Natalia Fabia, Todd Congelliere, and Kira Roessler. Shyeah!

Friday, February 26

Wave Em Like You Jus Don Kay-Er

Last night or something. No. I don't know when.

mothafuckers are so nice

Teenage Town

Pictures of my pretty friend Ren. More on da Flickr.

Last night saw one of my favorite bands AUDACITY from Fullerton along with tha Danger Strangers.

Listen to more Audacity

AND TONIGHT catch me ridin dirty here.

Thursday, February 25

Shanty Cheryl

This Week: Photographer Cheryl Groff

Where did you grow up
I was born in St. Paul MN., but I grew up in Torrance, CA. North Torrance to be exact.

When did you start shooting
As a kid I was always intrigued with cameras and film. I used the take paper towels and get them wet, then hang them up pretending it was wet film hanging to dry. I think because my Grandfather was a photographer I always admired it. I didn't actually start shooting as a hobby until I was about 17.

Favorite band you've shot
It's hard to just name one. I love bands with energy, energy that transfers to the crowd because then it gets me pumped up to shoot. Bands like the Fleshies always make for good photos. Also,
Pinhead Gunpowder, Mike Watt and The Underground Railroad to Candyland, to name a few.

What was your first camera
My Mom bought me my first "real" camera when I was about 17. It was a Pentax.

If you could shoot anyone/ anything
That's a hard one. I would love to go to Iceland and shoot some photos. The photos I've see of
Iceland are the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen.

Favorite photographer
Jenny Lens, Glen E. Friedman,
Lauren Greenfield

Music, crowds, energy, people, life

Do you love cats
I much! Maybe not as much as my boyfriend does. He has more photos of our cat on his facebook page than himself or me for that matter. We have a pretty cool cat though. He makes for great photos. I have a album dedicated to him on my facebook.

Are you currently working on anything
I've been working on a lot of stop motion video's lately. I use hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos and line them up with music to make music videos. It's very time consuming. I'm currently working on one for The Underground Railroad to Candyland.

Hows San Pedro
The best city ever! I love the community here. It has such a small town feel for not being such a small town. I love that there are so many Mom & Pop shops. I love being near the ocean, I love the old houses, I love the music scene. It's my dream town.