Thursday, September 30

Another State Of Mind

I was listening to DI this morning, then I started thinking about Suburbia. Then I started thinking about my childhood, then I started thinking of what I was listening to at 15. Now I wanna eat Top Ramen & watch Another State Of Mind.

holy fucken ness when he wasn't a douche

Nobody Loves Me Its True Not Like You Do

Photography by Fernando Montoro

Music used to be really good

Wednesday, September 29

Tuesday, September 28

Monday, September 27

Yay for self promotion.

My site is up! Let's do dis. Check it.


Today I made a tribute page on MADD where you can directly donate in my sister's name if you couldn't make it to Gabfest and wanted to make a difference. A little more convenient I think. Thanks!


By Terry.

Scenic World

Photography by Andrew Kuykendall

To see photos from this weekend inlcuding Gabfest & Neapolitan's first show with Dirt Nasty at the Roxy check Meow!

As I was watching this I realized my friend Cheryl made it. Pretty radicool.