Monday, November 29

Happy Monday

Check the latest photo shoot I did on MEOW, it'll make yer Monday happier.

And listen to this, it'll make you even happier-er!

Saturday, November 27

When I See Your Cry It Makes Me Smile

I love the rain and cold. I've been listening to Lily Allen today.
photography by Tom Medvedich

See photos I took of my beautiful friends today on MEOW. Also I constantly update my Tumblr with goodies.

Tomorrow I will be shooting this beauty, Kristen Wharton.

Thursday, November 25

Wednesday, November 24

It's Working

Lovely photography by Jens Ingvarsson

Don't forget to check the photos I shot last night of Shay Maria on MEOW.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Eat a lot of food and pass out in a food coma. Luv, kittenz.

Tuesday, November 23

Arrest This Man He Talks In Maths

Photography by Max Vadukul

Shooting Miss Shay Maria tonight, check Meow soon.

Monday, November 22