Tuesday, August 31

Future Son

Please look like this
If not I'll probably like you anyways.

We Sat In The Night With My Hands Cuffed At My Side

Wildfox Couture's shoot for their new spring 2011 jeans by Kimberley Gordon rules. I really admire her photography.

Monday, August 30

Everybody's Happy Nowadays


Check photos from yesterday's birthday festivities and Rony's launch of BAD KITTYS on MEOW!

Sunday, August 29

However Far Away I Will Always Love You

Photos by Raymond Molinar. To see what I've been shooting don't forget to check MEOW.

On a more tragic note 4 years ago today my sister Gabriella was killed by a drunk driver. I'd never talk about it before because it is the most paralyzing & personal catastrophe that has happened in my life. I'm not going to get into it but in short she was my best friend and my other half. Now that I am in a better place in my life I can talk about it to spread awareness about the horrific consequences that come from drinking and driving. If I can get even one person to take a taxi or have a designated driver tonight from reading this I feel somewhat better. Next month, as I have last year, I put on a show in memory of my sister and all proceeds go to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). Everyone is welcome and the more support the better. You can always donate to MADD online. I've learned it's better to get yer shit together & try to make a difference rather than wallow in self pity. So please don't drink and drive. It'd mean a lot to me and my sister Gabriella Elizabeth Mantini. I love you and miss you more than anything baby girl.

Friday, August 27

Little Kittenz #14

freckly babe Alexandra Agoston

Filthy Beats #32

I woke up with this stuck in my head, Happy Friday!

Get Rid Of That Girl- The Donnas