Thursday, March 25

Waffles & Falafels

THIS WEEK: Lovisa Drever

Where'd you grow up
i grew up in Vancouver spending summers in Sweden with my family doing the back and forth thing.

Tell us about Waffles + Falafels , how'd it start, what do you do. etc
Started as the best birthday present a girl could ask for and grew into all girl world domination. I eat food, model tee shirts, brain storm wonder kin, make nachos, have MTV marathons and spend way too much time at the waffle hostel eating all the foodz.

3 influences
Trees, sunshine, candy, going to shows, music, the people around me, fashion, Courtney love, the 90's, cheesy movies, pretty films, noir movies, graphic novels, depressing books, clothes, thrifting, the world around me.

Anything your currently working on
Working on some new cool top secret projects that everyone will be sure to know about asap, traveling lots, writing pieces for a few magazines, trying to start a new band and working as the number one burger flipper in Vancity.

The ideal waffles girl is :
Herself. And death proof ;)

10 years from now you see yourself
I can't even picture where i see myself in 10 days.

What you're listening to the most right now
I always listen to a pretty big mix but lately lots of Danzig, Elton John, The Germs, old Hole, the Pixies, Lady Gaga, Descendants, Stiff Little Fingers, old Britney, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Neutural milk hotel, Atmosphere

Top 3 favorite designers
Also always varies but my personal number one I'd have to say Marc Jacobs

An average day with Lovisa
Usually involves getting up going to work, eating too much, and then going to see a show or going dancing. Sleeping in the wee hours, or cramming in a movie night, or a TV marathon, burrito parties with my roommates. I work everyday so I always try to do something fun at night to break up my days.

Do you love kittenz
Only someone without a soul could not love a kitten. I'm crazy allergic and I still adore those little suckers

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