Thursday, March 25

Cokie The Clown

I don't know if y'all give a fuck about NoFX or Fat Mike but I grew up listening to them and tripped out when I read this shit. Apparently at SXSW Fat Mike got real weird doin this Cokie The Clown set admitting some truly fucked/ sad/ gross stories. Including euthanizing his mother and ignoring a girl pleading for help as she was about to get raped.
"As Mike put it, her brain wanted to go but her heart was too strong. The pills didn’t kill her. After telling the rest of his family to exit the room, the nurse gave Mike a lethal dose of insulin to administer to his Mother. Mike injected her with the insulin and then proceeded to gently hold a pillow over his Mothers face until she ceased to breathe."
"As it goes, they both stood there watching slack jawed as she stared at them helplessly, then she grabbed onto both of them and yelled, “Help me!”. The men told Mike and Eric not to say a word. They did exactly that and went upstairs to watch the Vandals perform. "
Read the entire story here. On a lighter note that would have been rad to hear The Decline on acoustic, no?

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  1. Fuck. not a street fighter..but i woulda grabbed a hommie or two and broken some faces. Dont know how you could continue living after letting something like that happen to a girl. Maybe thats why fool needs a bottle a patron to get through a set. This quote from the article sums shit up well "His face was adorned in makeup akin to a traditional European whiteface clown but his eyes were empty and glazed over – the emptiness was vacuous."