Thursday, December 17

Art Dumping

This Week: Jordan Mitchell

What do you do for Girl
I work in the art department here known as the Art Dump. I art direct Royal Trucks which involves creating ad campaigns, designing catalogs, packaging, clothing, accessories, truck designs, web design but not programming, etc. I also design board, tee, wheel and accessorie graphics for Girl and Chocolate skateboards.

When did you first get into this
About ten years ago at age 21. I bought the first iMac, orange of course. I didn't even know how to turn it on when I got.

How long have you been with the company
2 years.

Where'd you start out
I started screen printing when I was in High School at a night class. All my friends and I made up brands and made t-shirts and stuff. It's crazy when I look back at it... the stuff was pretty good. My friend and his brother got pretty far with their line called Family, it was crazy. I ended up dropping out and had a lot of random jobs. I got a job screen printing skateboards for Planet Earth when I was around 18. I quit, had some more random jobs, worked with my dad laying tile. Then I got a job at a graphic service company where I would stop by Planet Earth every once in a while with tee graphic ideas and Chris Miller would be like "you know you could do this in like ten minutes on a computer"... that kind of set me on my path. Years later I ended up doing freelance for companies like Clive Bags, Nixon Watches and worked in-house for Sole technology, Adio Footwear, DC Shoes, and now I'm here.

What's your favorite project you've completed at girl
All of them. My first series is probably my most memorable project.

3 influences:

Life, anger, pain. Everyone and everything.

How do you feel about Old Gregg? Baileys?
Awesomely weird. Dangerous.

Who is your favorite co worker
I don't like this question... Too many amazing people here.

Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach

Favorite skateboarder
Guy Mariano

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