Thursday, December 10

She's Foxxay

I had an epiphany last night, I have rad friends. Once a week I've decided to bust a post on yer ass on one of them. Hopefully I will get more followers on Twitter due to my association with talented people.

THIS WEEK: Jayme Young-Foxx

when did you start modeling?
when i was 12 for Limited too

whats your proudest accomplishment so far?
Working for Altitude Tv and meeting my fiancee

favorite photographer:
Gil Bin Simone

photographer you'd love to work with:
Dave LaChapelle

Lady GaGa

how do you feel about r. kelly's trapped in the closet?
i AM OBSESSED!! I can say it word for work .. all chapters

what else do you do besides modeling?
work as a host for Altitude Tv in LA

music you're listening to most at the moment:

favorite tattoo artist:
Oliver Peck and Jeff Brown

do you watch jersey shore?
i did once but all the steroids and hair drove me crazy... and why is everyone so short?

painting by natalia fabia


next week:
one of the talented members of the art department of Girl Skateboard Co. OMFG.

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