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This Week: Sarah Morrison

How long have you been writing How'd you get into it
I started writing somewhere around 2004. I started a blog in the Myspace days, called Sarah Morrison's Best Week Ever. I wrote down the funny things that happened in my life. Funny encounters with people in grocery stores and outside 7-11, the antics of my friends. It was a quick read. Usually 10-15 bullet point formatted musings. At the end of each week, I compiled them and posted them. People enjoyed it. It evolved as I evolved. My writing got tighter. The stories and characters changed as my life did. I eventually pursued writing legitimately.

Favorite event/ party you've thrown
I threw the Los Angeles launch party for Camel No. 9 Cigarettes, when they came out. It was the first big budget event I did, outside of Dimmak (kidding/not kidding at all). The DJs were all girls. We had hair and make-up people. We had cupcakes because girls love cupcakes. Samantha Ronson headlined. It was a fun event.

How do you feel about the decline of Myspace
I have mixed feelings about it. Myspace did me well, for a long time. I promoted everything I said and did via Myspace. And its decline changed that for me. Twitter and Facebook don't have the marketing feel that Myspace has, and another platform hasn't come around yet that combines social networking and marketing and promotion so seamlessly yet. I haven't attempted to use Myspace for anything in years. Sorry, Myspace.

What was your favorite part about
Missbehave Magazine
Missbehave is like that boy who got away. The one who left you when everything was great and perfect, right when you were writing your name plus his name equals forever, on your notebooks. I loved Missbehave. Those girls were my best friends. And they always will be. We built the magazine, while hanging out with each other, and blogging about it the whole time. We were hungover some days. We fought some days. We cried some days. But, mostly we laughed. We believed in what we were doing and a lot of you guys did too. . It was the worst break-up i've ever been through. We knew the end of magazines was near. We saw as our friends working at other magazines be let go. But somehow we thought Missbehave, the little magazine that could, could prevail. But, we were in the middle of something out of our control, the demise of print publications. And with the demise of print publications went my 5 year plan. I don't think I ever listed my favorite part. But I would say the fans, the blog commenters, you guys. You made it all seem worth it.

Where did you grow up
Boston, MA

Music you're listening to most at the moment
I am like a 12 year old girl and listen to the same music over and over again until I start to hate it. Right now I am I have gotten back into that Lykke Li album and am listening to a lot of Alicia Keys. I am also really into Taylor Swift. I also listen to a lot of hip hop.

How many hours a day are you on Twitter
I do it from my phone, making it harder to count. Also making me feel better that I can't count those hours.

Kittens or puppies
Puppies are cuter in photos. Kittens are cuter in real life.

What do you do in your spare time
I watch a lot of TV. I hang out with my friends. I have a lot of great friends. I am really lucky. I went through a really crazy break up early summer and need a new boyfriend, but you didn't ask that question.

Favorite company you've marketed for
I've worked with so many great people over the years. The field I've chosen is full of creative brilliant people all working on their own hustle. And it's been amazing to both be a part of, and watch, their growth and change.

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