Thursday, January 21

Agent Larson


What is your current job title
I am a Creative Director for a new brand called SUPERbrand Apparel and a designer. We launch in February.

What companies have you worked for

I have worked for the Girl Distribution Companies ( Girl, Chocolate, Fourstar ) and DC Shoes. I've freelanced for a bunch of other companies.

What are you currently working on
I'm currently working on a website for said apparel brand as well as a personal portfolio site. Not to mention designing our 2010 / 2011 line.

What do you think about Jason Jessee
Jason Jessee is and was a huge influence on me. Big respect.

Favorite Skateboarder

It's a tie between Rick Koston and Mike Malt-mo.

Favorite place you've traveled

What do you want to accomplish in 2010
Successfully launching and running SUPERbrand Apparel would be a very nice accomplishment..If not: anyone looking for an art director?

Favorite quote
"Pressure makes diamonds."

As an artist how do you want to be remembered
I'd like to remembered as the dude who did a lot of awesome things.

Lurk Larson
NEXT WEEK: fire breathing bassist Corey Parks

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