Thursday, February 4

This Week: Mike Mo Capaldi

I noticed you were fist pumping at the Matix party, do you fist pump often
Was I? I don't remember, blame it on the goose.

Whats up with n shit
N shit works with anything, you can say anything n shit and it sounds way better! Suck it n shit.

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be
I'm at the dentist right now getting my tooth drilled out for a filling, so absolutely anywhere besides THIS. I need a root canal, tight!

Why is it so hard to get you to leave Simi Valley
I leave Simi all the time, i just don't go to Hollywood! Sorry!

Dream sponsor
Apple N shit, or pop tarts

Do you like kittenz
I love kittens, I love shredder

Top 3 people to follow on Twitter
Biebel, Billy Roper, and Natalia Mantini

3 influences
Michael Jordan
Rick Howard
Guy Mariano!

Dream wifey
Adriana Lima!!! yummmmmm

What Youtube video are you most into right now
ke$ha tik tok parody

Follow Mo yo!!

NEXT WEEK: fashion stylist Cat Wennekamp

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