Thursday, March 18

Femme Fatale

This Week: Sky Ferreira
Where are you from

How long have you been making music
Since I could hum

3 words to describe your music
numbers, youth, asylums

Proudest accomplishment so far
My record. My first film came out also which was pretty exciting.....I get free doc martins too!

What are you currently working on
Finishing my record and a few collaborations under my sleeve.

3 biggest influences
Brooke Shields

Ideal musician to play a show with
Prince, Siouxsie Sioux, David Bowie

What are you currently listening to the most
The Virgins

Of anyone who would you love to collab with
David Lynch

Kittenz or puppies?

Hate to choose but........PUPPIES.

BTDUZ pictures from Uffie's show Tuesday coming soon, they be amazeballs.

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