Friday, April 9

Fuck This

I rarely blog about things of this retarded genre including Robert Pattinson but I love Kurt so fuck it. Apparently this vampire fool who gets way too much hype for making the same ridiculous face is playing Kurt Cobain in a new movie which is his "dream role".

's leading man Robert Pattinson is set to play Kurt Cobain in a forthcoming biopic. The Sun reports that the British actor - known as R- Patz- to his teen fans - has landed his "dream role" in the part of the Nirvana front man.
Pattinson apparently "has always thought of himself as a musician rather than an actor" and so the role is "ideal for the pin-up", according to the paper's source."

And SURPRISE Courtney Love is down for it and in cahoots with the Twitard.

"This is a big money deal for Courtney,” says a source. “She has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the main aspects of the project including director, casting, screenplay and music. Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop. She has been a bit wound up by his manners, but he is her number one choice to play Kurt…..”

Kittenz meow "FUCK THIS!"


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