Thursday, September 9

Little Kittenz #15

Kieko Lynn is a little kitten! She is my new internet crush, and I recently fell in love with her blog which is an awesome display of her cuteness in super cute clothes. She has a way of talking about her fashion sense, makeup, and posting her photos without being self centered in the least bit which I think is completely rare & totally rad. She's ridiculously adorable & a little hustler with her own handmade, independant & vintage apparel which can be found on her online store Postlapsaria! Now if I can just shoot her or at least do a feature on MEOW I'd be a happy girl. If Keiko reads this get at me girl!

See, adorable.


  1. Thank you! That second to last one isn't me, though. Wish it was - she looks like a hottie!

  2. haha i couldnt tell but it said yer name! woops