Friday, November 19


(Bobby made this not me, it freax me out.)
I've been on this insanely interesting planet for 23 years today. It's been.. interesting. It's gotten a million times better this year, definitely not wanting to off myself anytime soon. I am happily engaged with a kitty and a job I adore, if you told me I'd have this at 23 years old I'd tell you to fuck yourself. I am extremely grateful, and very grateful to the people that support my photography and blogging. It means a lot. Life is super lifey.

Right meow w the beautiful Marz Lovejoy is now up. Lurk it here!

Also some outtakes from the shoot I did of Justene Jaro for Primitive x The Hundreds are up on Meow also. Get pervy here.

Happy Friday Kittenz

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