Monday, December 6

Michael Pitt's Mouth

I don't know if you've noticed but I have a gnarly fixation with mouths and teeths. Hence loving Georgia Jagger and Ashley Smith to death. I guess this fool played Kurt in some shit but it's better I didn't see it cos it'd probably make me dislike him. He does however play one of my favorite characters in Bully as a dumb little acid taking freak face. But this post is about Michael's mouth not his movies. Good mouth Michael.

Dat's why I adore Billy, his teeth and wips are widiculous. Aye Yie Yie.

Listen to air.


  1. I drool over that dude every Sunday night during Boardwalk empire. Nice moves. He is FINE

  2. ive never seen that or heard of it i havent watched HBO in foreverrrr. but yes. nice moves.

  3. you should check it out, the show is about the early days of the Mob/ Al Pacino and directed by the great Martin Scorsesse (Goodfellas, Sopranos)... taking place in prohibition years of Atlantic City. You would like it!