Tuesday, January 11

In The Flowers

Photography Silja Magg

I feel like Los Angeles is like that cute slut you can always holler at to come over and fuck you just so yer doing something. You should be doing more, but yer kinda scared of the unknown and don't know if some way radder bitch will reject you, so you don't but that only makes you hate the cute slut. Until one day she says so much dumb, fake, non progressive bullshit and you say fuck this cute slut I'mma go meet up with this radder bitch and if she rejects me at least I tried, the cute slut will still be there, cos she always has been.

And no, I don't like girls. It's just an example.


  1. I love this blog; its amazing. Good luck in NYC follow your dreams and passion hope it all works out xoxo

  2. thanks so much, i really appreciate kitty support. <3